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A Date with the King
By Cheryl Thompson

Her heart is full of butterflies
She readies for her date;
She checks the mirror several times
She knows He won't be late.

A single strand of hair that's loose
Is quickly pinned in place;
She checks the mirror one more time
And hopes her flaws meet grace.

She doesn't count herself to be
A beauty to behold;
She knows her limitations still
Remind her that she's old.

Yet, with her imperfections, He
Still called her for a date;
With butterflies; a trembling heart
Rejoices in the fate.

And suddenly, a knock is heard
Upon the outer door;
And with the knock, a voice unlike
All others known before.

"Beloved, I am here for you
It's time; I could not wait;
I've counted hours, minutes, and
The seconds 'til our date".

"I stand and knock; I beckon to
Your heart to let Me in";
And with the turning of the knob
Their date would now begin.

He walked right through the open door
With gifts that He did bring;
And one by one she opened them
A crown, a robe, and ring.

And as He gave the gifts to her
The angel voices sing;
"Beloved you are blessed this day
Your date is with the King!"

And in the twinkling of an eye
Her body and her soul;
Were transformed to completeness, now
She's finally made whole.

Cheryl Thompson has been a single mother to Trey, Charlie and Brett since 1989. Through the trials of her childhood and the struggles of single parenthood, Cheryl has learned the importance of a heart attitude toward life and God, and the impact that attitude has on an individual's soul. She has a passion for the hurting, wounded and bleeding Bride of Christ. Through her personal knowledge of the Compassion of Christ, Cheryl relays the message of hope, healing and freedom to those who are imprisoned in the past. Her first book, entitled "Whispers from My Heart" is in the process of being published. You can write to Cheryl through the Letters page of this magazine.