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Volume 2, Issue 12 - August 2006

"Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth."

~ Psalm 46:10 NIV ~

Hello and welcome to the August Issue of FaithWriters' Magazine--and what a great selection of reading we have for you, starting right here on the front page.

There is something very special about our front page featured story, "Grampa Dan's Bench" by Allen Scovil. I first read this when it was entered in the FaithWriters' Writing Challenge, and even then I couldn't really put my finger on what it was that made it resonate in my heart the way it did. Perhaps it was Grampa Dan himself, who in many ways reminded me of my own grandfather, now long gone. Perhaps it was the peaceful summer feeling as we sit in the garden with the old man and the young boy. I really don't quite know, but whatever the reason, this is a special story and I hope it touches your heart as well.

Grampa Dan's Bench
By Allen Scovil

It was a little after lunch on a sunny, summer day; so, nine-year-old Mark ran down into the basement to find the lawn darts. He then took them out into the backyard and started to fling them into the air to see how high and how far he could throw them; then fetching them from where they had fallen.

"What are you up to?" came a gruff voice from the shady side of the shed where Mark's father stored the lawn tractor.

"Huh?" Mark pulled up short. "Oh, hi Grampa Dan. I'm playing lawn darts."

"Are you indeed?" Grampa Dan was sitting on a bench and leaning back against the shed, his straw hat down over his eyes. "Come on over here and let's chat."

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But that's just the front page! Everything this month is special in its own way--and there's a wonderful variety of articles and stories for everyone to enjoy.

In A Merry Heart we have a real treat by FaithWriters' Magazine favorite, Al Boyce, with his story "Joy is BenGay in Your Shorts." If you've ever thought that, as a Christian in the western world, you really have it way too easy, then this will give you a laugh and also give you something to think about as well. Oh, but you might want to hold your breath as you read this one.

It's a delight to include another article from FaithWriters' No. 1 Kiwi, Christine Miles. Her testimony, "The Humble Sausage Roll," in our Ascribe Greatness section, shows that God is glorified in even the simplest of things. This is the parable of the Talents come to life in a New Zealand kitchen. May it bless and inspire you, as it did me.

There is something a little different waiting for you in Heaven Bound this month, and I really do consider it an honor to be able to present this story in FaithWriters' Magazine. When I first read "A New Covenant" by David Story, it was as an experimental piece that he wrote over a five week period of the FaithWriters' Writing Challenge. Being a five-part series, it really didn't work in the Challenge (where each entry needs to stand completely alone). However, I remember being quite struck by this unusual and beautiful story.

So, when David later combined all five parts together, I wasted no time in asking his permission to share it with FaithWriters' Magazine readers this month. I'm even more delighted to know that David is working on a novel involving one of the key characters, Max. I hope you, too, enjoy the style, feel and message of "A New Covenant."

In the Joy of Family this month, we have an adorable message by FaithWriters' Magazine newcomer, Lynette Carpenter. After reading Lynette's article, "Why Worry?" I found myself wanting to read more about her family. I think we may be seeing more of Lynette, little Amy, and the rest of the family in FaithWriters' Magazine in the future.

Whether you like poetry or not, I really encourage you to take the time to read The Rhythm of Life this month. Cheryl Thompson has written a meltingly beautiful poem, "A Date with the King." It is incredibly moving, and if you can make it to the end without having tears in your eyes, then you are much stronger than me--although I admit, that wouldn't be hard.

Well, those are just some of the August highlights to get you started--there's even more inside, and every piece is worth reading and sharing with others. So until next month, happy reading!

Deb Porter
Editor, FaithWriters' Magazine