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I Was Transformed Inside
By Trish Thompson

I only have one memory of my grandmother before she became sick and frail, and thinking about that, and the feelings it brings back, reminds me so of the love I have with my husband, Lucian.

When I was very small, my grandmother would take me by the hand on a hot summer's day and we'd walk down the side of the road to a tiny little roadside stand, and get an ice cone...such sweet cold flavor filling your mouth...a real treat, but gone so fast!

Then, on the way home, by the side of that road were stands of Queen Anne's Lace. I loved the name of that tall, elegant weed, and felt just a little bit bad, as we picked a bunch of those stalks for our own, thinking the Queen was going to be mad!

We'd take the weeds home, and grandma took each and put them in jars of colored water.... and she told me to be patient, to wait and see, what would happen to change those flowers.

Before I met Lucian, at that time in my life, I felt just like that lowly weed...growing so lonely by the side of the road. Such a nice name it had, an elegant title, but still everyone passed it by...just as I knew I had an elegant title, the best name of all. I was a child of God, a daughter of the King....but still I lacked a purpose, I was missing that 'something,' and God heard my silent plea. He came and plucked me up...time to prepare for something new.

The very next day, when I ran to look at my "Lace", I was astonished to see the flowers were no longer white. Instead, they were crowned with glorious color, like a rainbow bouquet...and I've never forgotten the feeling I had as I gazed on those weeds turned to elegant flowers. Such joy and delight at the changes I could see, it spilled out in dancing and laughter!

Just as God put me into a new place in His time, and the waiting period was done. He brought us together, and as we met and fell in love, I was transformed inside! No more plain old weed, with the bland white top, I was changed from the inside out, to an elegant flower, standing graceful and tall, crowned with the glorious colors of love.

Every day with Lucian, I have that same feeling of joy...the delight that just can't be held ina bouquet of love, that you gave to me, so I can turn and give it right back to you!

Trish Thompson lives in Chesapeake, Virginia, with her beloved husband of two years, Lucian, and shares in his ministry at Trinity Christian Fellowship. Trish is officially "retired," but busier than ever with her church, family, crafts, freelance web design business, and newest venture, selling her jewelry and crafts online. Trish was spiritually re-born in 1998 when she accepted Jesus as her Savior. She says that her life became a miracle when she and Lucian became husband and wife. You can write to Trish through the Letters page of this magazine.