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Lift Our Children
By John Gorby

I come to You today
with a prayer in my heart

These times are so troubled
I don't know where to start.

We need to lift our children
up into Your arms,

You're the only one I know
that shelters them from harm.

I pray You give them knowledge
to distinguish right from wrong,

Humble them when needed
so they'll always stay strong.

I pray these things, dear Father,
to glorify Your name

So they can show the evil one
of You they're not ashamed.

Help our children Father,
no matter what their age,

Fill their hearts with kindness,
take away their rage.

Let them be forgiving
for what we have done wrong

May they never forget
It's with You that they belong.

John Gorby

John Gorby has been writing poetry for the last nine years. This poem is from his book "Plant A Seed," which is available from Publish America. If you would like to contact John, you can do so through the Letters page of this magazine.
Parents How to Teach Your Children How to Have a Quiet Time
By Rebecca Livermore

Early one morning, when my children were young, I heard my daughter ask my son, "Is Dad up?"

My son replied, "Yes, but he's having quiet time, so you'd better watch out!"

How do you respond when your kids get up before you have a chance to finish your quiet time? You can view the children waking up early as either an interruption or an opportunity.

Here are some ways to use these opportunities to teach your children how to walk with God:
  • Have a special "quiet time corner" for the kids. This could include a table and chairs, Bible coloring books, crayons and other art supplies, Bible story books, tapes, puzzles, etc. They can have their own quiet time while you finish yours.

  • If your children are older, they can read the Bible or a devotional book, and then either draw a picture or write something about what they read.

  • Memorize Scripture with them.

  • Pray about concerns with them.

  • Sing hymns or choruses together.

  • Occasionally, share with them what you learned from your quiet time. This can create a spirit of expectation in your children-they will go to the Word expecting to hear from God. Just don't demand that they "get something" from every quiet time. This can create stress and make quiet time mechanical.

Rebecca Livermore is a Christian speaker and writer from Denver, Colorado. Her passion is helping people grow spiritually. To read more of her articles, visit http://www.rebeccalivermore.com, www.helpforchristianwriters.blogspot.com or www.relevantdevotions.blogspot.com