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Victory's Walk
By Casie May Payne

Bruised and battered, torn and tired
He dragged the massive weight.
The throng of Jews pressed in and mocked,
"So this will be His fate."

His followers still wept and cried
so grieved they could not see,
this was the way it had to end;
His walk to victory.

His humble form too weak to crawl,
had fallen to the ground.
"Get up," they yelled as whips struck flesh,
yet He made not a sound

As Simon came to bear His load
unfettered, He became.
Still on He trod with head bowed low
He now must share His shame.

The two now led the vicious crowd
up to Golgotha's hill,
He fought against His body's pain
to do His Father's will.

A few more steps and He must face
that grueling, daunting task.
He hears the laughter of the men,
"This day will be His last."

Upon the mount His walking stops,
the soldiers He must face.
The hamm'ring starts, the cries are heard
as nails are beat in place

His eyes looked out upon the crowd;
He knew what He must do.
His words rang clear, "Father forgive,
they know not what they do."

With one last breath, He watched the sky
turn to the dark of night;
He'd done what He had come to do,
a humble sacrifice.

What you do now, accept or not,
decision must be made.
Salvation is for one and all;
the price already paid.

Casie May Payne is a Pastor's wife who enjoys writing articles that uplift and encourage others. If you would like to write to Casie May, you can do so through the letters page of this magazine.
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