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Featured Article A Word In Season
Featured Article
The Passion of the Christ
By Wayne Nelson

Easter has just passed with all the pageantry associated with this great resurrection day. The ladies, down to the smallest toddler, have been able to show off their latest spring finery, the children have gone on their Easter egg hunts, the big family meals have been served and everyone is feeling good about themselves and their world. The merchants are happy that their cash registers are fuller from the season and the preachers were greeting members of their congregation they hadnít seen since Christmas. All things considered, it was a good Easter season.

But one thing is missing from our happy, successful Easter season. Most of the Christians have gone through the entire season with not a hint of what the real cost of Easter is. We dwell on what Easter costs us in new outfits, Easter parties, Easter egg hunts, etc. We concentrate on what the Easter season costs us out of our pocket, not what Easter cost the Son of God who paid the price for Easter before Easter could actually be.

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By Karen Treharne

Itís easy for me to be appreciative when I see the green trees rising high above me on both sides of the highway, looking over my shoulders like guardian angels; Iím filled with awe at the beauty and magnitude of our Holy Fatherís creation.

It takes no effort to feel gratitude for the precious gift of my children as I enjoy their laughter at play. Prayer and thankfulness for good health, a secure job, a comfortable home and food comes without any exertion.

Being part of a church family brings immediate joy to my heart, as does the privilege to freely study Godís Word. And it is difficult to take for granted the love and support of a Christian mate that has been provided to me by our Lordís gracious hand.

But what about the trials that come my way? Do I find a blessing in them? Do I fall on my knees and praise God for the opportunity to suffer for His cause as Jesus suffered for me?

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MomsChosen by Jehovah
By DeAnna Brooks

The bleeding began on a day now ancient...in a Garden...long lost. Two lives, beloved, having known perfection intimately, themselves flawlessly created in its image, now stood together, stripped of all pretense of righteousness. In their naked shame, eyes that could once look on Holiness without fear, now cast their gaze downward before the glory of Loveís Devotion. It was not a nakedness of body birthing this eternal alteration. It was a nakedness of soul that drove their attempt to cover themselves. But every effort at their disposal, every conceivable plan their minds could envision, proved futile at covering so utter a nakedness. And now, having once dwelt united with Holiness, in abject hopelessness they fearfully awaited His verdict.

Loveís Holy hand moved...expertly...and two lives cringed, first in horror and despair, and then in flickering hope, as the earth drank its first taste of Redemptionís bloody wine. As the stain of innocentís offering spread on the ground before them, stretching in a crimson pool, ever closer, until it pierced their souls, and they began knowing the touch of Forgivenessí first garment, neither recipient of Graceís covering felt Loveís heart quake. Nor were they aware of Heavenís Son, looking down on this first blood-letting, knowing its Promise for Him.

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