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From the Editor -
Diane Exner
A Woman's World
Featured Article
Hope Restored
By Diane Exner

This month our two featured articles are about bad things happening to good people, and how by leaning on the Lord both women found the grace and strength to carry on and 'live' again.

We make choices everyday that not only affect our own lives, but the lives of people around us. Whether we make good or bad choices there is always a consequence attached. Either way our choices have a significant impact on our lives and our future.

These articles address two significant issues in our society today – abortion and marriage separation. A lot of times these words are thrown around very nonchalantly, not giving a second thought to how detrimental these situations can be to all involved. These issues never involve just one person; they always include many family members and friends.

Read for yourself how these brave young women, when faced with extremely difficult situations and circumstances, turned to and relied on God the Father, and received the very thing they needed to survive … His love and grace to overcome.

Issues like these are not to be taken lightly or quickly swept under the rug. So many young girls, who grow up to be wonderful women, face these kinds of things all the time. Even when I was a teenager (roughly 20 years ago), the subject of sex was not talked about at home or in detail at school. Needless to say, the boys in my life were eager to educate me.

I'm not proud of a lot of the decisions I made at that time, but without being educated in a safe environment, I was ravaged and raped by the world's ways, and ultimately trashed by experimenting with this type of drug. I believed that sex was just another part of the dating ritual.

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Immeasurable Grace
By Crista Darr

The day my first child died is forever etched into my memory. I can still feel the soft rays of the sun on my face as I walked across the parking lot of the abortion clinic. The birds' melodies filled the air, but the life in my womb was silent.

There were no pro-lifers or protesters. Being a girl at the tender age of fifteen, I had never heard of such people and had assuredly never heard their message. I often wonder if my life would have been different if just one caring person, an advocate for the unborn, had been there to speak the truth to me.

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Garden of Second Chances
By DeAnna Brooks

Life is a garden … and like all gardens, mine contains a variety of elements and seeds mixed together. Some blooming; others dormant. Some planted by the Master Gardener; others by our own hearts.

I met J.R. in college, our senior year. Our courtship was short and we married a few months after graduating. He was a wounded man, though I didn’t see it at the time. They say love is blind, and now I know it’s true. J.R’s wounds would seed the soil of our garden and my children and I would live with the scars. Though I ached for him, my children quickly became the battlefield of his wounds.

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MomsJust a Thought
By Diane Exner

"Hope for Future Generations"

I really like country music and I was one of those teenagers that sang and lived 'I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool.' My dad loved to listen to Country and Western music, so I guess I just fell in love with it growing up. I loved the words, the realness of the lyrics and the stories and lessons that were lived and told in each song.

Even today as I listen to the lyrics, I still glean many life lessons from the artists’ words. For example, one of my favorite artists is Randy Travis, and for Christmas I received his 'Rise and Shine' CD. Of course, on every CD I have a favorite song, and in this case it is called 'Three Wooden Crosses.'

As I was listening during my one hour commute home recently, a certain phrase in this song seemed louder than ever before: 'It's not what you take when you leave this world behind you; it's what you leave behind you when you go.'

It was like a light went on inside. Of course, the experiences I've been through, and the things that I have learned, are for me to encourage and to teach others with. There is so much to share with women – young, old and in-between. I may have to live through some rough and tough times, but I have survived and developed in character because of these things.

My Challenge to You …

Get out of your comfort zone if you have to, but encourage the women of the future generation to go farther, and achieve more, than you can or will. Each woman has knowledge that can be shared with the 'girl next door' – especially teenagers or young women just starting to bloom. They have so many pressures on them today to abandon their vows of purity and their values of innocence.

Do not be afraid to come alongside and share your experiences. Encourage them to stand strong in their vows and values. Give them the tools and knowledge they may not be receiving in school or at home. It's a hard, ugly world out there, and they need you to be their strength and shield. Your encouragement and prayers for these women today may be someone else's future hope and restoration tomorrow.
Diane Exner is a published freelance Canadian writer, who takes every opportunity to use her talents to glorify God and to encourage others. You can contact Diane through her website at http://www.exner-express.com. Come climb aboard the ‘Exner Express’!