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Author: Jeannette Swindle
Genre: Christian Fiction – Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
ISBN: 0825441196

Reviewer Dian Moore

Jeanette Windle, a child of missionary parents, grew up in the outskirts of Colombia, today’s guerrilla breeding ground. Her in-depth detailed writing has prompted government agencies to question her – concerned she may have been privy to classified documents and information. Windle now lives in Miami, Florida, after spending 15 years as a missionary in Bolivia. She is the author of over 10 books, including the best-seller Crossfire and the Parker Twins series. More about Windle is available online at her website - http://windle.lam.org/

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Title:The Serious Kiss
Author: Mary Hogan
Genre: Young adults (14 and up)
ISBN: 006072207X
Reviewer: Dian Moore

Libby Madrigal has one big goal to accomplish before the end of her freshman year of high school and that’s to get a "serious kiss." The kind a girl will remember all her life. With good taste and humor, as well as a good dose of family values thrown in, author Mary Hogan explores the anxiety of a teenager dealing with first love, family problems, friendships and growing up.

Don’t let the title fool you; this little book is so much more than a story about being kissed. It’s a tale of a teenager coming of age in a dysfunctional family the likes of which we all know a member of in our own.

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Interview with Carol J. Rottman, Ph. D., author of Writers in the Spirit
Interviewed for FaithWriters’ Magazine by Dian Moore

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Carol J. Rottman, Ph. D., author of Writers in the Spirit found her love of writing in her early years, and writes to find out what she is thinking. Ideas roam freely in her head and in order to make sense of them, she writes them down.

In the beginnings of her writing career, Carol discovered she could write both clearly and persuasively while keeping field notes on the families she visited during a social service project in Cleveland, Ohio, aimed at reducing infant mortality rate. Her writing commenced into securing funding and providing publicity for the project.

FWM: This is the first book I’ve read targeted directly at Christian Writers. What was your inspiration to develop this work?

CAROL: I love to meditate on scripture and on quotes from other writers. A secular book, Walking on Alligators, by Susan Shaughnessy, used quotes from writers followed by short thought pieces that inspired me in my daily writing. A friend, to whom I gave the book, challenged me to write a similar book for Christian writers. I discovered scripture texts that talked about writing, which opened the way to sharing my own experiences as a beginning writer. Those experiences have resonated with both new and experienced writers.

FWM: Your short biography states that you spend your life writing and helping others to do. Which came first—teaching or writing, and how does each complement the other?

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