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To the Beat of a Different Drum
By Donna Haug

As you read this story, look for hidden musical clues. How many can you find?

Once upon a time, there was a boy who came to Mozambique for the first time. He was excited to be here and he loved to observe how some things were just like they used to be back home and some things were very different.

One thing he noticed right away was the long lines called "bichas" that you have to stand in for just about everything. He wasn’t too fond of standing in lines, but he wasn’t out of the airport before he got a taste of that one.

Next he noticed all the bars on the windows. It seemed strange to feel like he was in prison in his own house, but he knew this was important for his own security. It kept things where they ought to be – him and his family inside and the robbers outside!

Sometimes late at night, his neighbors would turn their stereo up really loud and he could feel the steady beat of the drums and bass in his chest – boom, boom, boom. As he peered between the bars, he thought there should be rules about time and beat. If HE was a cop, he would set a time limit and add his signature to make it law.

There were many things different about Mozambique. But there were also many things that were similar. One thing that was easy for him to face was the belief that every good boy deserves fudge! Even down here in the Southern Hemisphere, good boys deserve fudge always! He loved fudge! It was interesting to note that even here in Africa, all cows eat grass!

It was very different to get used to the value of the money here. I mean, one whole bank note, which they call a ‘metical’, wasn’t worth anything! Imagine if they tried a half dollar or a quarter like back home! You need at least a few thousand meticais to even buy some candy!

He had already made a few friends in Mozambique. He did find it a little strange to note that good friends, even guys with guys, would hold hands as they walked along without missing a beat. Seeing that made him look twice for a quarter of a second. But, it was neat to see how different cultures had different customs and ways of getting along.

All in all, he was happy to be here. As he sat in church and watched the African Christians enjoying the worship, keeping rhythm with their hands and feet, and even allowing their bodies to express their joy in dance – he knew that the love of Jesus was in their hearts too. It made HIM feel like joining them. His heart was filled with happiness and he thanked Jesus for bringing him to the country of Mozambique.

* * *

Musical Clues Answers … How Many Did You Find?

time … lines … bars … stereo … beat … drums … bass … boom … signature … note … value … whole … half … quarter … worship … rhythm … dance

all cows eat grass *

every good boy deserves fudge **
good boys deserve fudge always **

Note: Musical clues which occur more than once are only counted as one. I found 21--counting the lines and spaces sentences as only one clue each. Did I miss any?

* The letters in the word 'face' and the first letter of each word in 'all cows eat grass' make up the names of the spaces in the treble and bass clefs – F A C E and A C E G

** the first letters of each word in these sentences make up the names of the lines in the treble and bass clefs – E G B D F and G B D F A
Donna Haug is a Canadian who grew up as a missionary kid in Brazil. Her husband, Mark, was a missionary kid in Tanzania, East Africa. Donna and Mark now have three "missionary kids" of their own. They have spent one 4 year term in southern Brazil (where the youngest was born) and now live in Mozambique, Southern Africa.

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