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From the Editor -
Violet Nesdoly
The Tree House
Featured Article
Unfinished Business
By Violet Nesdoly

Nicola felt her heart begin to pound as they drove up to the big brick church where the music competition was going on. She took a deep breath. She wouldnít think of last year. This year would be different!

She climbed out of the car and hugging her music book, walked with little Jennifer and her mom up the front steps, through the heavy wood door and into the foyer. At a table, a lady was collecting the contestantsí music for the adjudicator who judged the competition. Nicola handed in her Grade Nine piano book and picked up a program from the pile. There was her name, halfway through the afternoon today, the last one in the Modern Class competition. Then tomorrow, in the Bach Class, she played first thing in the morning. And there, sure enough, was Carroll Davis's name on the program, in both classes.

Following Jennifer and her mom to a seat in the auditorium she glanced around.

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To the Beat of a Different Drum
By Donna Haug

As you read this story, look for hidden musical clues. How many can you find?

Once upon a time, there was a boy who came to Mozambique for the first time. He was excited to be here and he loved to observe how some things were just like they used to be back home and some things were very different.

One thing he noticed right away was the long lines called "bichas" that you have to stand in for just about everything. He wasnít too fond of standing in lines, but he wasnít out of the airport before he got a taste of that one.

Next he noticed all the bars on the windows. It seemed strange to feel like he was in prison in his own house, but he knew this was important for his own security. It kept things where they ought to be Ė him and his family inside and the robbers outside!

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Hearing God SpeakBe Careful What You Itch For!
By Wendy Lynn Decker

"Hi, Honey, wash up for dinner. You look like you just crawled out of rabbitís hole," Mom said, and pointed me toward the kitchen sink.

"Mom, you should see Dylanís new bikeó itís awesome!"

"Thatís nice, Jesse, now wash up."

"Mom, this is no ordinary bike. Itís a BMX bike. Itís especially made for jumpiní over hills and curbs. It does all kinds of tricks. Iíve been itchiní for a bike just like that one."

"Yeah, I know. You were itchiní for a skateboard like Dylanís last month."

Dad walked into the kitchen. He ruffled my hair. "Howís your day Jess?" He asked, and sat down at the table.

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Kids' Website of the Month

April is Poetry Month and you can have fun celebrating it at poetry4kids.com!


There are lessons, games and contests
there are silly poems galore.
You will giggle, you will chuckle
soon be rolling on the floor!

Here are some poems you just have to read while youíre there:

1. "My Robotís Misbehaving"
2. "Mary Had a Little Lamb"
3. "I Have Noodles in my Nostrils"

If you write a poem, why not send it to us! Weíd love to read it!