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From the Editor -
Jamie Dale
Parents' Survival Guide
Featured Article
ParentsWho’s Afraid of the Boogey Man?
By Jamie Dale

"Mommy! Mommy! MOMMY!"

I heard my three-year-old daughter screaming at the top of her lungs as though she were in fear for her life. I’m not the most athletic of individuals, but I sprinted up the steps two at a time as though my life depended on it. I hadn’t heard my daughter scream like that since the time she had almost severed her finger and I was sure something awful was happening.

When I got to the top of the stairs, I didn’t see what I had expected to see. Instead of seeing an injured child, I saw my daughter, whose face was bright red, screaming and pointing at her bedroom with tears running down her face.

"What’s wrong?" I asked, my heart still pounding as I wondered what in the world could make a child scream like that.

"The boogey man is in my room!" she yelled at me. I remember thinking I must have misunderstood her. After all, my child could not possibly believe in the ‘boogey man.’

"What’s in your room sweetie?" I asked again.

"The BOOGEY MAN!" she yelled, getting even more agitated.

I flung open her bedroom door, which she had slammed shut, half expecting to see her brothers pulling some kind of prank on her. The room was empty and she was demanding that I not go in there, lest the boogey man get me. I had to laugh.

"Sweetie," I said, "the boogey man is not in your room." After inspecting her room from top to bottom, she finally believed me.

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Endless Questions
By Brenda Kern

Interrogation time again.

"Mommy, where's heaven?" My pudgy-faced three-year-old girl could sometimes be an endless fountain of questions, and her faucet was definitely in the on position today.

"Well, I'm not sure, Sweetie. Where do you think it is?" Turning a question back on her sometimes helped stop the flow.

"And why are only dead people allowed to go there?"

This surprised me, and I turned away from my sandwich preparations to look at her. "Only dead people? Who told you this?"

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Monthly Parenting Tip

Finding parenting advice on the Web is a breeze … but finding parenting advice that is based on Christian values isn’t always such an easy task.

I ran across Christian-Parent.com as I was looking for a way to teach my son about organization. The site was a treasure of a find. From teaching your kids about money to instructing them on the basics of the Bible, Christian-Parent.com has a wealth of resources available for today’s Christian parents. http://www.christian-parent.com

Joy for the Journey

Hearing God SpeakClutter Confrontation
By Kay Brown
The clutter in our home has reached critical mass.
Eight pack-rat people, one cat and a smelly box of beetles can collect a lot of stuff. It piles up. Even my usually oblivious husband has observed that the paths between rooms have become narrower. Lately, instead of calling in a tow-truck, or actually throwing something away, I have been fantasizing about calling in the de-clutter professional, writer and speaker, Don Aslett. He calls himself "America’s Cleaning Man."
Really, I need Superman.
Unfortunately, in the middle of my fantasy, in which I gloriously lounge outdoors with a pina colada while Mr. Aslett and his crew efficiently haul off tons of broken, useless and dust-gathering items, I remember the Tightwad Gazette lady, Amy Dacyczyn.

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