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From the Editor -
John Hunt
A Merry Heart
Featured Article
Confessions of a Practical Joker
By John Hunt

Let us extol the virtues of yarn. Yarn is perhaps one of the most useful materials on earth. It is woven into sweaters, afghans, shawls, and even doilies. If wrapped around one’s finger, yarn becomes a memory aid. When dangled from a bedroom doorknob, yarn is a lifeline for GI Joe. Yarn can keep a feline occupied for hours, and an industrious grandmother busy all evening. Many folks have been known to spin a yarn or two, and to those with an overactive imagination, yarn can even be a spider.

Perhaps I should explain. It was an ordinary day, the day I found that wad of yarn on the church floor.

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Dear Diary
By Sally Hanan


Dear Diary,

I’m so excited! It seems like only yesterday that I got saved, and now I get to be in ministry!! Pastor John says that we should work for three months in each ministry in the church, and once we feel like God is speaking to us and we have a passion for what we are doing, then it’s highly likely that that is part of our life’s purpose! I get to be in the ‘American Friends of Foreigners’ group first!

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Lessons from an Angelic Saint (HA!)
By Linda Schab

One thing I remember about Miss O is that she was shaped as just that: an O. But her roundness is not what stands out most in my mind.

It's not that Miss O was particularly fun, or funny, or one of my favorite teachers. In fact, as far as favorite teachers go, she would probably be towards the bottom of my list. But I've discovered that God uses circumstances, usually unpleasant ones, to teach us lessons we need to learn.

I wasn't always the angelic saint I am now (said with much sarcasm!). In fourth grade, I was quiet, shy, not a big troublemaker. That's why I surprised even myself when I lied to Miss O. We had just taken a test on which I had –er – cheated. Gulp. How Miss O discovered this fact, I have no idea. But when she confronted me, I panicked and did the only thing I could think of at the time to save myself. I denied it. And Miss O gave me the benefit of the doubt (boy, was I good).

There was only one problem. I couldn't live with the guilt. The minute I got home, I spilled my guts to my mom, simultaneously cleansing my conscience and draining my tear ducts.

I thought it would be enough that I confessed. But no. My mom had this great idea that I should go admit my lie to Miss O. I didn't think it was such a great idea; in fact, I thought it was a TERRIBLE idea! I suddenly felt myself coming down with something. Perhaps it was the chicken pox – because that's exactly how I felt at the moment: like a big, fat chicken.

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