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From the Editor -
Gary Sims
As I Imitate Christ
Featured Article
Take to heart As I Imitate Christ
By Gary Sims

"As I Imitate Christ" is a study on Godly leadership through example; leadership of leaders; being a mentor; and being a leader according to God's design. It is a prayer and a desire to be everything Christ would have us become and to recognize that all things are possible when we choose to follow the example of Christ in our lives.

Effective and visionary leadership within any organization requires the talents and gifts of one or two individuals especially focused on the course that lies ahead and on their ability to guide and lead that organization through whatever obstacles or diversions they encounter. Effective leaders see clearly, listen intently, and guide wisely.

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Nothing Is Worth Having If You Canít Give It Away
By Lucian Thompson

"Momma, here come the Truexes again. Why do they always show up at dinner time?"

"Theyíre hungry, son. They donít have much, so your Dad always invites them to come eat with us. Does that bother you?"

"Well, no Mom, but you know I donít like Connie. She is smelly and her hair is so ratty, I donít even like to look at her."

"Lucian, be ashamed of yourself. Connie canít help the way she is. She has it a lot harder than we do.

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Take to heart Winning Basketball
By Mark Muncher

I can only describe it as glorious. I could hear my coaching partner barking instructions. I fought back the sizeable lump in my throat as our red-faced, exhausted young warriors charged up the basketball court. I watched parents and family members glow with pride. I saw the smirks of the hardest pre-game skeptics melt into a puddle of begrudging grins. The gym seemed filled with the respect that these unrelenting, unlikely heroes had earned from their peers who feverishly worked to position themselves for one last shot. The greatest part of it all was the bright red scoreboard illuminating the room. We were victorious!

I have been fortunate enough to be involved in many of my childrenís wins and losses and I wouldnít trade those experiences for finest gold. There was something about this one, however, that made it different from those I had previously been a part of. It was hard to believe, but there it was for everyone to read:

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