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A Heart Cleansed By Him
By Noel Kline

"Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me." (Psalms 51:10 KJV)

I think one of the best ways to describe what happens when Jesus comes into your heart is that it is like cleaning the bathroom. Why the bathroom and not the kitchen? Well, because the bathroom is generally the most disgusting part of the house, and in many cases, an unclean heart is all the more so.

Yesterday I cleaned my bathroom and painted it. As I found myself on my knees, bent over the bathtub to scrub away the grime, I thought about how many of us get in the same position to ask God to make us clean inside.

In some areas that I scrubbed, the dirt came right off easily. Other areas I had to work a little harder to make the stain disappear. Likewise, some sins in our life will almost magically disappear when we ask for Gods help, but then there are others that, although they may not disappear all at once, we can be sure that the Almighty is scrubbing at them to take them away.

When I got ready to paint, I stood on a chair so I could reach up near the ceiling. Imagine my surprise when I looked down and saw a hidden spot of dirt and grime the top of my medicine cabinet! For all the times I had cleaned that bathroom, I had forgotten about this hidden area and boy, did it show!

The very same thing can happen with our hearts. Perhaps there is something that the Lord had cleaned us from, but we neglected to "upkeep" by staying close to Him and studying His Word. Before you know it, that hidden, dirty spot in our hearts will become bigger and more of a mess and eventually, it will be seen!

I wasted no time cleaning that filthy shelf. In the same manner, we should waste no time in asking the Lord to clean any sin that may have been hidden from us and now is as plain as a grimy spot in a clean bathroom!

As I began painting, there were areas on the wall that had little cracks and chips. I used my paint brush to fill in these little gaps and bumps. The paint did a wonderful job of camouflage, making them not quite so unsightly. They are still there, though. I may be the only one who knows it, because I know where to look. I can still see them lightly through the paint if I look very closely.

Its the same with scars we may carry on our heart. The Lord heals our heart, but its true that we may carry some consequences from our past sins. We have our memories of who we were before Christ came into our lives, and some may be downright ugly. The Lord is so good to make our hearts new, but to leave these little reminders so that we can be grateful for how much He has changed our lives. And we can use our experiences of where we came from to help others.

So the next time you look at your dirty bathroom and need some motivation to get that room clean, meditate upon how similar it is to what God has done to your heart. Thank goodness He didnt put it off another day!
Noe'l Kline is a homemaker, help-meet to her husband of twelve years and the mom of two boys. She has been published in various online magazines and in "Joyseekers Newsletter" through her church. She and her family live in beautiful rural Pennsylvania. You may contact Noel through the Letters page of this magazine.
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