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From the Editor -
Patricia Ouellette
Cyber Walk
Featured Article
Hey, It Will Never Happen To Me!
By Patricia Ouellette

So many times we hear people say, "It will never happen to me!" or "She’ll be right, I know what I’m doing!" When we consider the fact that we do not have the ability to see into the future, these comments are really being said tongue-in-cheek.

Unfortunately, we can’t afford to take that attitude with our children’s safety.

The Internet is a wonderful resource. It is fantastic for our kids for their education and entertainment. It is a wonderful way for them to see how the rest of the world live and compare lifestyles with others of their peer group from many nations.

My own daughter has grown so much through the avenues open to her on the Internet. Her education has been broadened and it has also helped her expand her literacy skills. She is able to communicate with friends who have moved to other parts of the country and also with her siblings and family who reside overseas.

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Don't Be An April Fool!
By Lana Fletcher

"I'm the biggest fool again", many people admit on April 1 as they dig through piles of financial information, looking for all the tax deductions they can find.

Most of us use computers for all kinds of activities and can't imagine how we ever functioned without them.

But I've discovered many people don't use their computers for their bookkeeping. No doubt some of you are like that – so I want to get you excited about expanding the use of your computer and of experiencing the joys of handing your accountant your tax reports on February 1, as soon as your 1099's come, instead of on April 10, the last day the accountant will accept them.

You're probably thinking, "That's easy for you to say, you’re probably the bookkeeping type and I'm not."

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Step-By-Step Tutorial: Windows Basics For The First Time User
Part 2:C – Maintaining Your Computer - System Restore

By Patricia Ouellette

In our February Issue we learned about Disk Clean Up. Now we are taking our maintenance one step further by looking at System Restore for Windows XP. This can be a real lifesaver at times. When you start having an unusually high frequency of errors and faults you may choose to restore your system. If you have had a virus infection you may choose to restore your system. Or if you loaded a program that will not uninstall completely, you may choose to restore.

You should always make sure that you have backed up your files before restoring your system. You could very well loose some of your most recent work if you do not have it backed up. It shouldn’t happen, but it is possible. System Restore is only supposed to restore system operational and registry files, not documents or data files. Just remember, the most unlikely or what is not supposed to happen, invariably does if you are not prepared.

System Restore needs to be turned on in order for it to be used. In some cases it will not be active when you install Windows XP or purchased your computer. So take some time to check to make sure that it has been activated or turned on.

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Site of the Month

Mind Your Own Business – MYOB Accounting Packages

This is a highly recommended accounting package with world-renowned popularity. It states on the MYOB website, "MYOB is a global provider of solutions that liberate business owners and accountants from the burden of day to day administration, empowering them to achieve business success. MYOB develops and delivers award-winning software, services and support for more than 500,000 businesses and over 10,000 accounting practices worldwide."

If you wish to get a head start on improving your accounting and bookkeeping for the next financial year, I would urge you to check them out. As a one time user of this software, I definitely recommend it.

Tip of the Month

E-Commerce is becoming extensively used worldwide. It sure does make life easier in many respects. However, as you know, there are many dangers in using online banking or credit cards. Reduce the risk down by making sure you close the window as soon as you have finished your transaction and have logged out. Try not to stay in any financial transaction site for too long, even though they all "time out" eventually. However, minimizing your time is beneficial in reducing the risk factor.

Lastly, banks will never email you about changes to your own account or ask you for any details. Nor will they ask you to click on a link in the email to verify anything. If you get something like this, do not respond to it. Call your bank and notify them that you received the email and also make a report at your local police station.