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Moms Screening Your Prayers ... Not
By Becky Brown

Okay, it's bad enough when we make a call and there are a dozen menus to choose from before we get to talk to a real person, but now we have all these devices that allow people to screen their calls. If they don't want to talk to you, they won't. If it's something of interest to them, they will call back. You have to pique their interest when you leave a voice mail.

Businesses, I am sure, have a problem with people not calling them back, especially if someone owes them money.

Then there are times people run to the phone to answer the call, for example, if you have had tests and the doctor calls with the results, or if you are expecting an invitation or the results from a loan application. At those times, everyone needs to get out of the way or they will get knocked down as you run to the phone.

When you leave voice mail, you just never know when the person will call you back, or even if he will. Then there are those times you play phone tag. You make a call, but then have to leave; they call you back and leave a message. You come home and return the call; they are gone and you leave a message. Sometimes this can go on for days.

There is one call I can make and never have to worry about whether or not the person is going to answer. I can call on God and He always answers my call. We can talk for hours and not have to worry about using up too many of "my minutes" or adding too much to the phone bill. I don't have to wait for the "free weekends" or "after nine" time. I don't have to worry about Him screening my calls, or playing phone tag. He is available whenever I need Him.

On the other hand, how many times has He tried calling us and we screen His calls? How many times does He yearn to talk to us, but it's just not a really good time, so we put Him on hold? We often think we will call Him back, then we get sidetracked with life and, oops, before too long we forget He's been calling us.

We can call our friends and family pretty much any time without them getting too upset with us. Yet, when we can't sleep at two in the morning, I daresay we shouldn't call them. At two in the morning, God is available and ready for us to talk, and He won't even get upset. It says in Ephesians 3:12: "In Christ we can come before God with freedom and without fear. We can do this through faith in Christ." In other words, we can call upon God any time and have the freedom to know He will answer.

Shirley Dobson has written, "Prayer is our pathway not only to divine protection, but also to a personal, intimate relationship with God." We can only have an intimate relationship with God if we pray daily. Everyone knows the way to have a close relationship with a friend is through communication. If you don't communicate and spend time with that person, a friendship will never develop. It is the same way with God. We need to spend time with God in prayer, as that's how a close relationship develops between us and Him.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 says it simply: "Pray without ceasing." (King James Version.) James 5:16 says: "Confess yours sins to each other and pray for each other so God can heal you. When a believing person prays, great things happen."

I love that sentence: "When a believing person prays, great things happen." I have prayed for people, things and situations, and yes, I have seen God do some awesome things. I pretty much open my prayer time with God early in the morning, and my "amen" doesn't usually get said until I get into bed at night. I pray during the day--often one-liners, yet I am confident I can pray at all times and God is not screening my calls.

Have you been screening God's calls lately? Have you needed to make a call to Him and found yourself too busy or preoccupied? If you and God haven't talked lately, may I suggest you make a call to Him soon? He's waiting to hear from you.

Unless otherwise indicated, all scripture is taken from the New Century Version of the Bible.
BECKY BROWN is a former church secretary who has developed a passion for writing articles God has blessed her with. She is a mom to three daughters and grandma to four grandkids. With her past experiences as a church secretary, combined with her passion as a mom and grandma, her articles are filled with much daily inspiration as well as her loving romance with her heavenly father. Becky enjoys camping, hiking, reading, and being with her family. In addition, she is an avid frog collector, always reminding people to Fully Rely On God! If you would like to write to Becky, you can do so through the Letters page of this magazine.