Where Did FaithWriters’ Magazine Come From?

In 2001 we had a dream. It was a dream of creating an on-line community where Christian writers would be able to learn, grow and share their work in an encouraging and user-friendly environment.

That dream became a reality in the form of FaithWriters and has continued to expand and develop with every passing day.

The growth of the FaithWriters’ site, particularly over the last 18 months, has been quite phenomenal. With well over 11,000 members contributing more than 24,000 articles to date, together with the weekly Writing Challenge contests, the site is constantly alive with activity, opportunity and excitement.

With similar writing sites having to close their "doors" over recent years, it really has been very obvious to all involved that God’s hand has been firmly on FaithWriters.com from the beginning. However, the rapid growth in membership and expanding vision for the site did create some new problems. They were "good problems" to have because they sprang from that rapid growth; but a solution needed to be found all the same. How do you maintain and continue to grow a popular site, like FaithWriters, when you have limited resources?

Our "good problem" had a very "good answer".

In July, 2004, we instituted The FaithWriters 500 – a group of FaithWriters.com members who chose to link arms with us and commit themselves to the on-going support and building of the FaithWriters’ community. Out of this, the FaithWriters’ Magazine was born!

Every article, story and poem comes entirely from the combined creative talents of The FaithWriters 500 members and every department is edited by members of that same group.

The result is, in our opinion, quite remarkable and we believe that God has taken our difficulties and turned them into something truly wonderful.

And this is just the beginning!

If you are a writer and would like to become involved with our magazine, we invite you to consider joining The FaithWriters 500. Not only will you have the opportunity to be a blessing, but you also will be blessed abundantly in return.